Disability Support Services (DSS)

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead .

The Counseling and Skills Development Unit (CSDU) supports the mission of Alfaisal University by providing services that afford students with disabilities/ special needs and an equal opportunity to achieve their personal academic goals while maintain the integrity of Alfaisal academic program requirements.

CSDU offers practical assistance and advice to students with a permanent or temporary disability or medical condition or mental or psychological disorder. If students are experiencing difficulties with their studies due to the effects of their disability they can register with the CSDU. Students must provide appropriate documentation and may be eligible for a range of support and assistance.

CSDU promotes a broad definition of diversity that appreciates disability as an integral part of the human experience. The CSDU office collaborates with students, faculty and staff to create a welcoming campus that meets the needs of students with disabilities, fosters student independence, and recognizes students on the basis of their abilities rather than their disabilities.

The university offers many services to students with disabilities. Eligibility for these services is determined individually by the CSDU office based on documented need. Students are encouraged to register with CSDU as soon as possible after admission to the university to ensure timely provision of services.

What DSS Does For You

  • Priority registration.
  • Special testing procedures and extended time on exams.
  • Note takers and readers.
  • Promote awareness for faculty/staff.
  • Act as a liaison between students and faculty/staff.
  • Provide assistance and information regarding university services.
  • Provide information about government & community agencies.
  • Assistive Technology.

What DSS Does Not Do

  • Provide formal diagnostic evaluations. The student is responsible for providing current written documentation.
  • Alter course requirements and/or lower program standards for students with disabilities.
  • Provide equipment, technology, or services of a personal/private nature.

Student Disability Policy

This Policy offers students with disabilities an equal opportunity to achieve their personal academic goals while maintaining the integrity of Alfaisal academic program requirements.

Definition of an Individual with a Disability

A person who has a physical or mental impairment which substantially limits one or more major life activity.
This policy applies to those who fall in these categories:

  • Students with permanent or temporary disabilities.
  • Students with medical conditions and Chronic Diseases.
  • Students with learning disabilities.

Eligibility for Services

To be eligible for services, students with disabilities must identify themselves and present professional documentation to the Counseling and Skills Development Unit (Students Affairs). Until appropriate documentation is provided, support for the student's disability may not be provided.

Students who wish to have services available at the beginning of the semester should make certain their documentation is submitted six weeks before the beginning of the semester, and that they have met with the student's counselor to discuss necessary arrangements.

Professional Documentation

Documentation should be prepared by an appropriate professional body that provides formal diagnostic evaluations. Documentation should be recent (within the last three years better 6-12 months), relevant, comprehensive, and where appropriate, should contain test scores and interpretation.

Guidelines for evaluation and approval

To be Qualified for the serves:

  • Providing the request form and professional documentation to the Students Affairs.
  • Meeting with the university counselor for evaluation and documents review.
  • Final approval by the dean of students affairs

If You are in need of your services please call (011-2157825 , 011-2157847)