Student Skills and Activities Record

What is the "Student Skills and Activities Record"?

It is an official document issued by Alfaisal University (student Affairs) that includes all non-academic skills/activities in which a student participated in during the period at the university. This includes all skills and activities that fall under:

  1. Volunteering and social service. (event title + total hours)
  2. Attending workshops and seminars. (workshop title + total hours)
  3. Participating in events and visits. (event title + total hours )
  4. Leadership role and event management. (position title + total hours)
  5. Sports (Representing the university)
  6. Tutoring (course title + total tutoring hours)
  7. Awards and winning competitions (Awards title).
  8. Organizing events. (event title + total hours)

What is the benefit of the Student Skills and Activities Record?

This record helps students that are graduating by increasing the chances of getting the right job by providing a formal proof of their abilities and skills in non-academic areas, supporting their competition opportunities for jobs.

What are the goals of this record?

  1. Provide the student an official document describes the personal and professional skills earned prior to graduation.
  2. Improve the university outcomes through support and enrich the CV of the students.
  3. Highlighting the student's efforts in developing himself in non-academic areas.
  4. Documents the student personal interaction with university life.
  5. Encourages students to participate in non-academic activities.

How can I add my skills/activities in the record?

All activities supervised and approved by the Deanship of Student Affairs will request follow-up report with the names of the participants and their involvement. Student Affairs after the review and approval will enter information in the student record.

How do I get the Student Skills and Activities Record? Upon graduation students affairs will print your record and you will receive it with your graduation documents.